An interactive city shelter of urban lifestyle, expressing the relationship between city and its dwellers through the action of breathing.

In Schrödinger’s book What is Life?, he originally stated that ‘What an organism feeds upon is negative entropy.’ and ‘Is the essence of metabolism, in its survival period successfully rid themselves of organisms must have all the entropy.’

City, accordingly, increase its entropy because of problems such as air pollution, traffic jams, information overload and so on. Meanwhile, these urban issues actuate citizens to be anxious and distressed. Breathing is believed to be the most simple way of metabolising that decelerates the entropy increase. People are noticeably relaxed and easy to concentrate after deep breathing. This city shelter is going to be a cure path way in our city, transforming anxiety to relief. You breathe the city and the city also breathe you back, making up a mutual beneficial connection.


Xiaotian Sun