Film: Aye Short moving image: Pear (test) Graphic Novel: House

Loneliness occurs when someone is lost in himself. The one will try to find the lost part however the result may be disappointed. When people try to find the lost things to get stronger they may also find stronger powers which force them to abandon themselves even more. This transition turns out to be an infinite loop while no one can break.
Pear (test):
A test movements of my second year film — Pear
This story is so simple, too simple that could be a bit silly. But for me, this story is my understanding about inner and outer. Nothing in the world could exist independently, everything are relatively existed.
Which is to say, the worst thing is not not seeing it, but forgot to see. The outside of inside is outside, the outside of outside is still outside; The inside of inside is inside, the inside of outside is still inside. Then where the heck is inside and where is outside? They relatively exist.
A simple principle that suits everything we are living with. I might have made it too complicated, but you know what I mean.


Sijia Ke