Social re-construction typography – The breaking down of an alphabet to modular building blocks.

On the table are the pieces needed to construct each letter in the latin alphabet. Having broke down the characters into components allows for alternative letters and structures to be fantasised and prototyped. The modules invites you to:

1. Create the pre-designed letterform, intended by the designer
2. Create alternative letterforms
3. The possibility to create “fantasy-letters”, or random towers and constructions.

The broken alphabet structure takes the shape of wooden building blocks, to connote play and learning. Conventions of all sorts are learned from an early age, which is perhaps why they are sometimes confused with biology. The work aims to promote creativity above convention, and say that inability to read social construction might be the evidence of a deficient system rather than a deficient reader.

(The initial sketches for this modular typography was used to create the identity for the exhibition. A work made in collaboration with Carolina Dahl and Maria Ines Gul.)


Minna Sakaria