The Brick

We live in a context of heavy budget cuts, evictions, a historical low record of council housing. With heavy ‘redevelopment’ or ‘revitalisation’ taking place, owning the place where you live has become less accessible than ever. A large part of the population simultaneously experiences stagnating wages. With housing and living prices on the rise and a culture of deified brand consumption, the parameters are set for protests and riots.

The Tyvek banners reference this tense context. They stand halfway between a dystopian development hoarding campaign and protest signs. Their patterns and graphic elements are lifted from Foxton’s Mini Cooper fleet, referencing the riots and the quieter E15 Mothers’ protests, as well as the ‘broken window’ theory which is leading to racial profiling and more tensions on the streets. They are meant to question the current political and social situation and provide a form of graphic protest.


Jonas Berthod