Spectacular Boredom

“‘Fast cars shooting stars until it’s Vegas everywhere we are’. Rihanna’s voice rings out from an Iphone 4s. The irritating noise of our combustion engines echoes against the empty shell of the suburbia’s’ empty car park. Low frequencies and High definition rules our nation.”

My project is an on-going collection of artefacts which celebrate radical, poetical, and innovative rituals of resistance. They currently exist as fragments from a fictional post subcultural organisation.

Spectacular Boredom, or the desperate quest for Freedom tends to highlights the vacuity of our existence although it is filled with images, signs and objects. Modernity succeeded at transforming our world and delivering rapid change but failed at enabling us to produce meaning.

How can we make use of post-capitalist ruins to generate new languages? Can we innovate in the way we represent and communicate change?


Charlotte-Maëva Perret