The Barrow Woodwose

I am currently working to explore how identity is constructed within the contexts of audiences and networked publics. In an attempt to explore how the ‘performativity’ of identity is made explicit or actively designed, I’ve been developing ‘wild man’ outfits. The wild man reoccurs as a motif in festivals throughout Europe, and is echoed in characters and costumes across the world. The wild man often takes on a role that muddies social order, mischief and the wilderness. Traditionally built from wild materials like branches, grass, animal bells and furs, the materials of modern wilderness are not moss and straw but mass-production and military-industrial detritus. The Barrow Woodwose: costume consisting of Barrow-in-Furness wilderness including Wilkos summer discount swim rings, door curtains, bath mats, bath loofers, toilet brush heads, Barrow Military Surplus backpack and Arco boilersuit.


Ben Dalton